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What We Do

We are IP experts – you own IP that must be managed, protected and commercialised to add value to your business. 
Your business priorities dictate how we determine and provide services to you; how we help
you understand, capture, protect, manage and commercialise your IP rights. 

What do you need to protect your competitive advantage? What can we do to help you?  
IP consulting, strategy development, IP audits, investor readiness 
Patent protection, filing and managing patent and trademark applications 
Protecting your inventions and designs 
Helping resolve disputes 
  • Portfolio management, training & education, retained IP services 
  • Brand Audits 
  • IP Registrations 
  • IP Valuations 
  • IP identification 
  • Brand Strategy 

    The biggest factor in what IP is relevant is who you are – it’s all about you! Find out how we can tailor our service to what you need.
    Who Are You?

    Your business is unique. You have a competitive advantage through innovation, product
    development and service development. This competitive advantage needs protecting. We understand your business has different needs, different priorities and a different commercial angle. 
    Our IP support and advice depends on: the size of your business; whether you grow organically, through investment or acquisition; whether you are b2b or b2c; whether you have a product or service; your business model; and your industry sector. 
    We provide a bespoke service, tailored for you with your particular commercial objectives in mind. 
    The more involved
    we become, the better we can advise. 

    How We Can Help

    How do we help identify and protect your IP? How do we communicate, charge and deliver our services? 
    We have an holistic approach. We provide services particular to you, designed to complement your
    commercial objectives and your business style. We believe in transparent pricing, and our costs will be made clear from the outset – no hidden ‘extras’.
    The work we do will fit your commercial objectives and add value. We want to communicate without hesitation and want you to do the same. 
    We help add value to your business, via idea capture, innovation support, protecting inventions, protecting your brand, training and workshops, getting you investor-ready and defending your interests. 

    Our Team

    Our team is made up of highly experienced IP consultants, lawyers, digital entrepreneurs, policy experts, venture capitalists, serial startup analysts and technologists who are enthusiatic about providing accurate intellecual property strategies, legal engineering, policy intelligence with a view to positioning for commecialisation advantage.
    We are a team of qualified professionals using our expertise to help our clients make the best use of Intellecual property in their brands, works, inventions, products and services to profitably penetrate international markets and make global impact.

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